• The initial registration fee is $65 per family. After that, your annual membership fee is $50 per family.

  • Please use the links below to access the required registration forms. You can print these and have them prepared ahead of time to speed the registration process. Please fill them out entirely, leaving no blanks.

  • Immunization records are due on the first visit. Please request that your doctor print them on the Colorado State form, if possible.

  • A health statement, signed by your physician is due on the second visit. You may use our generic form or ask for a signed copy of your child/ren's most recent physical or well-child exam report.

Please fill out entirely, leaving no blanks.  This information is required, as per Colorado State Licensing Regulations.

This form is required for each additional child.  Please use this form for your oldest children.

This form is required for each child and is to be completed by the children's physician.